Sit, what do you notice in sitting? Try not to adjust. (If needed OK, but feet accommodate to the shape of the shoe.) Sit-bones, which are you on? Which could you press more easily? Maybe easier to shift to the one you aren’t on so much. Are you on the front or back or your sit bones?…pull belly in or push out, where are you on sit bones? Don’t change but could you stand? / Edge of table so L buttock is off the edge, lower and lift L buttock, where and how much of you participates?/ Pause, on table / L side off again, turn to L stay there, lower buttock and return, what do you do with the rest of you? Notice ribs / Pause / L buttock off table, turn L again, stay, lift buttock and back to neutral / Pause / L buttock off, turn L, Raise and lower buttock, path of the head? / Pause (Why do you think the head moves up and down? Congruent with whole spine.) / Look to L, do same, U & D / Pause, sense effect on sitting / L side off, turn to the R, look up and down, what happens? / Pause / Turn to L and do the same thing, what is the path of the head now? / Pause. / L off, L arm over the head hold opposite temple, lift and move elbow to floor and ceiling, how do you move now Where do you attend to? Attend somewhere else/ Pause / L off, L hand behind head, hold L wrist with R hand, slide hands L &R behind head…3 ways to do it…same position, fix hands to head, you side-bend…from middle, leave head in middle & straight, move arms independently… as move arms L & R, let head bend head, in opposite direction / Rest / L buttock off, R arm over top of head, hold L ear, bend R & L / Pause / Same position, imagine pencil coming out of elbow and make a circle with the elbow, where is the circle? How do you use the rest of yourself? / Pause sitting and sense sit-bones, lift one…other / Rest / R buttock off the side, small lift & lower this side- differences… turn head to R, lift and lower… (When would this be useful? Walking, biking, crowded bus, cleaning yourself)…similar variations on this side / Pause / Sit, differences? Lift one & the other, changes? / Walk/ Sit with L buttock off, lift & lower, did it change from doing it on the R side? / Continue…do your feet do anything? Press L foot intentionally when lifting, easier?/ Rest / Same, move L foot, further L, do you bend differently? Move foot closer, more to R, different? / Rest / Same, push through at easiest place, then move foot straight forward, what is path now? (pelvis more back?)…move foot further back…original place- pressing through inside of foot…outside of foot / Rest / R off lift & lower buttock, how can foot help? Place it further out- which edge of foot do you use?

…closer than original, which edge is easier? / Pause / Do it with foot forward- front or heel easier connection?…move foot back, past original position, which part of foot press more easily? / Put foot in easy place, make circles pushing through foot, circling on foot / Sit on table, lift each sit bone and use feet…lean on elbows, can you lift your bottom…move it L & R, head goes opposite, popping, quicker / Arms forward, reaching at table height…come to standing…easier?…lift alternating sit-bones, easier? Stand and walk