Prone: Sliding both arms U/D, lift elbows/wrists/hands/fingers (by pressing into floor) + 1.10.2

Amherst / Alan Questel

Opening Scan

LOB, roll head, lift one shoulder then the other

prone: turn head to one side, both arms up at right angles to torso

turn head to other side, continue

slow enough to tell whats different on either side?

differences in just face/neck vs further down/chest/pelvis/legs?


head L, arms straight out from shoulder, L forearm up, R forearm down

90º at armpit, 90º at elbows

L arm 90º upward, palm to floor

R arm 90º downward, palm to ceiling

slide both elbows together U/D


Lift Elbows either/alternate/both sides

Lift elbows either side

head L, lift L elbow: lift, think to lift, lift small; alternate thinking/doing

where do you feel mobilized?

difference between intending/doing?

head L, think to lift R elbow, lift

which is easier?

where are you participating?

elbow moves as result of something else: hand/shoulder/neck


Change over head; lift/tap R elbow

change over head R, lift R elbow

different with head turned?

change over head L, tap R elbow quickly/slowly

Lift elbows alternate sides

lift R elbow, lift L elbow slowly

Lift elbows both sides

lift both elbows


slide both arms U/D

lifting elbows influence how they slide?


Lift/tap fingers/hand/wrist/elbow

Lift L hand/fingers

lift L hand, middle finger, little finger, ring finger, thumb, index


Lift R hand/wrist/elbow

lift R entire arm/hand

lift R hand, wrist; alternate

lift R hand, wrist, elbow; alternate

Lift both hands/wrists/elbows

lift both hands, wrists, elbows

lift/tap both elbows, wrists, hands


slide both arms U/D


Reverse Sliding

slide one arm U/ one arm D; reverse

sense connection through you?

weight shift? in pelvis, knee?

Change over head/arms (head to upper arm)

change over arms without lifting them from the floor

2 ways: elbows close, elbows open (turn over hands)

change over arms/head

head to upper arm

Lift Both Elbows/Wrists/Hands by Pressing

head R to upper arm

think/lift both hands

think/lift both wrists, alternate, together

lift both elbows

press into floor to lift elbows

change sensing in back/scapula?

lift both wrists

what presses into floor?

lift both hands

what presses into floor?


Change over head/arms (head to lower arm)

head R to upper arm; change over head/arms

roll pelvis to help? which way?

change over head to lower arm; change over arms/head

change over head to upper arm


slide arms U/D


Closing Scan

roll head

come to standing

movement of arms influence legs/hips?

look around

quality of turning?