Amherst / Aliza Stewart

Opening San


long scan


arms out side, shoulder height, palms to ceiling, make loose fists like holding two light screwdrivers

rotate fists downward in direction of feet

rotate fists upward in direction of head

Push through feet to roll fists U

imagine clock under pelvis, 12 is down, 6 is up, go from 12-6, push out belly going to 12…variations

arms out to sides, tilt pelvis, push through feet

variations to lift and support pelvis while rolling arms upward.  Lower pelvis and just roll fists…easier?

Lift head to roll fists D

arms out to sides, feet standing and roll fists towards feet…lift head at same time to look between feet

Constrain fists rolled U

lift pelvis and roll arms upward, keep arms there and lower pelvis

Reverse Configurations

repeat as before: lift pelvis as arms roll up, lift head as arms roll down

opposite: arms up and lift head, arms down and lift pelvis

roll arms up and down without pelvis or head


sit cross-legged, arms out side at shoulder height; slowly roll them down

whole self can participate

change over the legs and continue

sit same, roll fists up…push belly out and head back

roll down and then up


LOB, stand feet, tilt pelvis 12-6

arms out to sides, rotate R fist U,  L fist D at same time

add rolling your head

look at upward/downward fist?


sit cross-legged, arms out to sides, roll R fist U, L fist D

which do you look at?

change over legs, continue

shift weight in pelvis?


LOB, same position, R up, L down

lengthen and look at R upward arm

let pelvis/legs participate?

continue but take head opposite to L

move eyes opposite head to R

imagine feeling to opposite side; do it

alternate side to side

change over knees (without stopping)

unison again


sit alternate side to side, looking at upward rolled fist,

shifting weight?

change over crossing of legs